Our Story

If ever you think of anything that is “cute”, we are sure that you smile, your heart melts and you either wish to hold or engage. We feel that same joy, warm and fussy feeling when it comes to travelling. Of Caribbean origins, Travel Cutey embraces the warmth of island sun and the love of world travel.


At Travel Cutey we know that travelling for any reason maybe much loved but also a costly undertaking, so we partnered up to bring you two of the major components of travel for less…’flights and hotels’.  With discounts on flights to your destination of choice and a wide selection of hotels across the globe to choose from, you are on your way to having the quick getaway or long holiday that you can actually afford. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or with your entire family, we are sure that every bit of savings would help.

Our mission

To be the best source for affordable travel while bringing awareness and aid to the Caribbean during the most uncertain and destructive period of any given year.



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Countless Properties, Countless Choice. You'll be sure to find one you love!



Where ever you want to go in the world, Travel Cutey has options available to you.!



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"Cutey - a less common spelling of Cutie"