Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is TravelCutey.Com is an online search engine for flights and hotels. Our system searches high and low across the internet and presents you with best available prices for selected hotels and flights.
Why are your hotels so expensive?
Even though some hotels appear to be expensive, you will notice that all hotels generated in your search results are offering discounted pricing, that way you can enjoy all your luxuries for less than what you would normally pay. Booking any hotel at a discounted price often means you can have the holiday of your dreams.
Why should I book with Travel Cutey?
We get it...there are loads of other search engines but did you know that they all don't have the same listings? Well it's true, searching with us you may find other more favourable deals that you wouldn't get with other search engines. Plus, we have started a Disaster Fund to assist tourism dependent communities to recover after a disaster of any kind. Booking through us directly contributes to this goal.
How does Travel Cutey earn money?
Travel Cutey's income is commission based. We only earn money if you book your hotel or flight through our website If you search and find your perfect hotel or flight but then book directly through that preferred airline or hotel's website, Travel Cutey would not earn any commission. You also may not get the discount deal that you were hoping for.
What about Privacy of My Information?
1. When you book a flight or hotel through our website, Travel Cutey does not collect any of your information. Your information as it relates to Travel Cutey is therefore private. When completing your booking through any provider, we do advise that you look for the little padlock in the top next to the address bar to ensure that your information is encrypted and protected. 2. If you make a donation to our fund through PayPal or purchase any merchadise, then your information is also encrypted, secure and private (COMING SOON). 3. Travel Cutey does not sell or give any information to any third party. Emails used to subscribe for newsletters are used only for the purposes of marketing materials. You can unsubscribe to newsletters at anytime and your email address would automatically be deleted.
I booked through Travel Cutey, why can't I change my bookings? is primarily a search engine which lists all of the deals available to you. Travel Cutey is commission based only and does not collect any funds directly at your booking. You will therefore need to keep a record of the website you made your booking payment through and contact them in regards to any desired changes. You should also contact the hotel or airline directly to make sure any changes are reflected.