Travel Cutey Disaster Fund



Every year we pack our bags and head off to our favorite destination for a getaway. It may be strictly leisure, filled with lounging by the beach and loads of cocktails and pina coladas or a is a mix of business and pleasure or perhaps a destination wedding. In any case, when you go for a holiday you expect to have fun, unwind, relax and return home refreshed and put plans in place for the next year.


Every year, some of the most beautiful destinations to spend your holiday are vulnerable and face the uncertainty of catastrophic hurricanes, flooding and freak storms. The Caribbean alone, which welcomes approximately 30 million tourists a year have recorded at least one Category 5 Hurricane each year since 2016, and several other weather systems of varying strengths leaving destruction estimated in the billions of dollars.


The Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian (2019)



Tortola: Hurricane Irma (2017)



St. Vincent, Volcano Eruption (2021)



And these are just a few in a small but highly tourism dependent part of the world….


So every year, the guy that serves your rum punch in the pool bar and your massage therapist, in fact the whole crew face an increased likelihood of loosing their homes, jobs and livelihoods by simply living in paradise. We can’t do anything about mother nature, but we can be prepared to support these communities in their hour of need.


Here are a few ways that you can help:


(1) Book your flight or hotel through this website and a portion of our earnings will be directed to the Travel Cutey Disaster Fund;


(2) Donate. No amount is too large or too small. Donations will be accepted through Paypal. If you are interested in donating, then send us an email at and we will get in touch with you; and


(3) Gray Purchase. Purchase any of our grey merchandise and all of the proceeds will go toward the Disaster fund. Why grey? Well, most of these destinations are very beautiful with picturesque coastlines, but when disaster strikes, that beauty becomes very dark and gray. And even as the sky returns blue and the ocean return turquoise, the period following the aftermath is often uncertain and feeling “gray” in mood. Gray is also a versatile color that can wear with most things well.   (COMING SOON)




Noteworthy: Even though we have highlighted the devastations of the Caribbean we can’t ignore the occurrences in other locations such as Indonesia which was blackened by a volcano and the USA which has experienced tornado and fire destruction of unusual magnitude leaving countless individuals homeless. Many large and popular countries are also tourism dependent in some communities and would need assistance.