Cambridge Dictionary defines cute as ‘Something described as cute is attractive and pleasant’ whereas it defines cutey (the informal version of cutie) as someone who you consider attractive or like a lot. Similarly, the defines Cute as appealing and delightful, and cutey as ‘can be considered affectionate or demeaning’. Here we only focus on the positives though!


To truly understand our cute, let’s start at the beginning…


Whenever, you see a cute baby, a cute dog or a cute item or place, the usual response is to smile and beam from ear to ear with happiness. You may even want to touch, hold or engage and certainly you may feel that your day has been brightened in some way in your exposure with cuteness.


We feel that same way about travel! Travel is something that we thoroughly enjoy and just thinking about it brings a warm feeling of joy. We want to engage and start planning for our next trip and think about what fun it could be. The different touristic sites, scenery and sounds (accents, music) stimulates us as we embrace another culture for a short while to get away from our everyday activities. Travel can and should also rejuvenate us – leaving us feeling fresh, recharged and a better version of ourselves. A chic hotel/ cabin room, flavorful food and a little bit of a shopping spree should be enough for you to let loose, unwind and tune in to you.


If you don’t feel some kind of happy appeal or delight at your vacation abroad then we are truly sorry. I guess we could understand that as you get older you may not see yourself as cute…if you are 56 and work on a fishing vessel for months and months at a time, the last thing you may feel is “Cute”…but for us, age occupation or the stage you are at in life doesn’t mean you can’t feel good or even that same warm, fussy, cute excited feeling that you should get when you travel. If you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a trip with your friends or family, you certainly should not be left feeling like crap.


So we hope that as you plan and embark on your next getaway that you tune into your inner cuteness and smile with joy and anticipation of a good trip.  


You’re never too old to be cute!