Travelling can be expensive but there are many things that you can do reduce your expenses or increase how much you can save and make your trip more affordable. A trip on a bargain can be just as enjoyable as a full priced or expensive one. Keep reading below for some tips on how to get maximum savings on your trip:

Book Smart to get Maximum Savings

  1. The easiest way to save money on your holiday is also the hardest….Know your dates well in advance! Let’s face it, life is full of changes and some of us hate planning because of it. Some people don’t want to plan because they are afraid that plans would change and everything would be ruined. That is sometimes a fair way to think but when it comes to getting maximum savings on your trip, knowing your dates and planning for them up to 3 months in advance or more is critical.
    • The closer the date comes for booking, everything becomes more expensive…Hotels, Flights, Train tickets or even some Coach/Bus rides. I have seen some flights increase up to and beyond $100 as travel dates become closer. You may find some last minute deals but with a reduced flight schedule in the immediate post-Covid, I would not count on those since reduced availability and soaring demand will almost always equal higher prices.
  2. Once you know your travel dates well in advance and can book online and pay the hotel in full with a non-refundable option. By doing so, you should do so and you will see immediate savings and likely the largest. This is more relevant if you are using a booking platform such as or etc. Booking online directly with your hotel of choice may not allow this or any other options for savings.
  3. If you know your dates well in advance but are likely to make some changes, you can opt for the refundable option as well. The amount of savings will be reduced but you will still get some savings. If you must have some flexibility, or if you don’t have the financing in place to make a full payment, you should reserve the room and pay at the hotel. If you reserve the room with the option to pay at the hotel well in advance of your dates, you will lock in those cheaper rates and give you some flexibility if you need to cancel the trip. Just read the fine print before as some hotels may allow you to pay at the hotel but the booking may become non-refundable up to two days before your scheduled arrival.
  4. Reserve the room, pay before you arrive. This differs from above because some hotels allow you to reserve the room but only up to 2 days before at which time they will charge the card you provided at the time of booking. Here again you lock in the cheaper rate and give yourself sometime to finalize your plans.
  5. Add Breakfast at the time of booking/reservation. Sometimes you can save as much as 50% off of breakfast by including it at the time of making your booking. Some hotels may say “add $15 per person for breakfast” when you are selecting your room at checkout but if you do not include this breakfast option you may have to pay $30 at the hotel. Source: Shutterstock
  6. Book more than one room together. If you are travelling as a group requiring two are more rooms, some platforms may provide savings if you book them altogether as opposed to separate bookings.
  7. Book Non-Hotel.  I personally prefer using a hotel for my holidays so that I wouldn’t have to do the things that I do every day like make my own breakfast nor bed. I would have my room cleaned and added security but if these are not on your priority list then you may be able to get some more savings by booking a non-hotel (apartment, house, Airbnb etc.) and preparing your own meals.
  8. Avoid Weekend Travel. Of course, weekends are probably the most fun and best time to get away especially if you want to finish out the work week but, if possible, leave home on a Thursday as opposed to a Friday and return on Monday or Tuesday. Travelling on Friday, Saturday or even Sunday will simply cost you more.

Other Ways to Save

  1. Local Discounts. This option may not be available in every location but in places like London, a visitor rail card is available for non-residents to use on their cashless transport system (bus, rail) and it will also provide discounted entry to local attractions. It may take some effort to research but if you find these or other attractions/companies at your holiday destination which are offering promos, vouchers and discounts on entry, you’ll be able to enter for a lot less.
  2. Stay away from roaming charges. Check your cell phones and make sure your data is not on as you can accrue a bill in the thousands of dollars, and you won’t even know until you get back home.
  3. Hotel Room Drinks are not complimentary. Remember that the drinks and snacks that are provided in the hotel room come at a cost and are likely to be more expensive than the ones in the corner shop so select wisely or not at all.

Hopefully, these tips on how to get maximum savings have set you on your way to saving hundreds of dollars on your trip. Savings which could be saved or spent elsewhere on your trip.

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